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Im Baaaack, Blue Crab, Island Adventure Party 2011!

After a while i have decided to go back on Club Penguin. (I havent been on for about a year because i got a membership for Toontown which ends in 3 days) Now i will be blogging again. If you go to the Cove during the Island Adventure Party 2011 at :00 or :30 there will be a blue crab near the rocks:

And the Island Adventure Party 2011 started a while ago. Im still not sure when it ends.

First of all there is a scavenger hunt, first go the Migrator, Then the Pizza Paurlor, Then the Iceberg, then the dock then the tree tops then the cove i believe, i could be wrong, dont forget to click the notes in the rooms.

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Astro i need to talk to you!

Astro i really need to talk to you! Please contact me at and name yourself ASTRO In all caps.

~XxJakexX (PaL)

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Left In Astro’s Hands


Me Boidoh. Taking a 5 Month Vacation Be Back Around Summer Until Then Astro is new Admin..


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Indesructible_0001 – PengSpace

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Indesructible_0001 – PengSpace", posted with vodpod

I will get other video’s up in no time at all, but i have to go to school(At 6:30 in the morning?! You gotta be kidding me)

Over and out
~PaL(I’m going by Jake Now, Because that’s my real name and i’m more comfortable with it)

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I’m back ;)

It’s me PaL. I just wanted to say that i’m back up and running and  You can check out my blog as a second resort if this obne ever goes dwn.


Over and out


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Medieval Party!

Club Penguin just saved every CP blogger’s day! CP has now got a Party Banner and it will update when a new party has arrived.

Also, check out the Medieval Party:

There’s a quest for us members: Look out for the free gifts on Challenges 2, 3 and in the final quest room.

The Challenge 3 answers are down, left, down, right, right, up.

Also, the new pin is at the Boiler Ro-I mean The Smithy.

Don’t forget to visit the new play, The Haunting of the Viking Opera!

Check out the Ghost costume and the flashlight, the Ghost glows! :O

When you see the new room, don’t be tricked by the puffle eyes. There isn’t any new puffles, we just had the white one a month or two ago!

Remember to get the Wizard hat, oh and visit the Market. 😉

Now I’m off dragon hunting!

From Astro

For the original post with pictures go to:

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Penguins Got Paid!

I don’t know what’s happened to Boidoh, so here’s a LATE post about Penguins getting paid.

As you may have seen in your Penguin Mail, you’ve got one or two checks! Every month you’ll be getting these checks and have 250 coins added to your account. Here’s the pictures:



From Astro

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A Couple Partys!!


New partys soon.

  1. 50,000 Hits Party – Server Frozen (March 14th 2009, 1:00 PM CPST (Town, Dance Club, Leprechaun House, Cove, My Igloo))
  2. 1,000 Views Party – Server Frozen (March 14th 2009, 2:00 PM CPST (Coffee Shop, Book Room, Dance Lounge, My Igloo))


– Boidoh

Update: No one came this is why i dont have party’s may have one on a populated server next time..

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New Author

Hi. It’s mrlachhar here. I’m the new author on BNG. I know, I know, you’ve seen my name in comments around BNG. My site is 😀

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Movies May Be Gone!!


Because of the series 2 came out and i don’t have time to get it cause im 999,999,999,999 miles from the nearest Toys R Us store. So i can delete some movies that involves it or just change it.

– Boidoh

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Boidoh Site Ad 2009

It is here. It took me a while to upload cause i uploaded it when i was also downloading something. Oh well its here now.

– Boidoh

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Free Membership!

Always wanted to be a member on CP? Well, now is your chance!

Register at and win big!

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Rockhopper Tracker!


Is anyone looking for Rockhopper? If so, you can visit my Rockhopper Tracker here:

It’s 100 percent accurate! Enjoy!

BNG Friend Sir Wurmple

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New Show Comming Soon With Sneak Peak!!


I am making a new show comming soon called “Smiley Central”. It is about smiley’s that control movements like the Sleepy Smiley makes people sand without him you cant sleep. They used to be in a team 10 Years ago in the year 1999. But when things go bad and the emotions break down and no has there feelings and there fun things and pain the smiley’s has to get together again. I have every thing right now all i need is a camera. Even though is still need more smiley’s to finish it up. Smiley’s are completely copyrighted to Smiley Central. Go To I got the idea from Smiley Central stickers in some chips like Bue Nachos and some kind of other chips. Episode ideas are now being maked in DCPC Page.

– Boidoh

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BNG Improvment Project


Ok remember about the past news about the Donations and so on. We finished dance club penguins a while ago and beta testers can make special messages. So Beta Testing ends in about March 1st when My blog will close down if i dont get atleast 1 xat. Ok well i got a couple a week ago.

– Boidoh

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New Shows And New Movies!!


I am making new movies and shows. Shows.

  1. Lego World (April 1st 2010)
  2. Shadow Guy And The X Men (April 1st 2010)
  3. Lego Extras (April 1st 2010)
  4. Lego Building Sets (April 1st 2010)
  5. Lego Video Sweepstakes  (April 1st 2010)

Lego World is about a Lego World. First there will be a village in a country that made it into a town then a city. It was in a District/State in a country. Shadow Guy and the X Men is a continuing of Town Square. So movies with other things will come sooner. It is about a team of penguins who will go together and defeat the Giant Penguins. It will be a comic that turns into a show. Lego Extras is extras. Lego Building Sets will be unboxing like Lego extras and i build sets. Lego Sweepstakes is like a movie/show i pick to be  Lego movie/show. I will pick the best one. Movies:

  1. Lego World – Rock Monsters Attack (July 3rd 2010)

– Boidoh

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Series 2 Mix N Match Figure Pack!!


The toys are sold but not seen on the weblogs. Ok the first one is A Band Member with a Stereo Box. I will get more soon.

– Boidoh

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Enter A World To The Next Generation!!


Enter A World To The Next Generation. Dance Club Penguins is here. But we need you as Beta Testers. We Are Currently in testing. We aren’t fully made yet so come on down to It hasn’t been made yet fully. I am working on Lego,CP and Cereal forums right now. So make use of the ones here now.  Oh what the i just finished it up a little in my spare time i made the Lego And CP Forum hop on down and Test my little Beta Testers. Lol.

– Boidoh

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The Dance Club Penguins Sooner Than Expected!!


Dance Club Penguin’s is already being made. It will be finished sooner than expected. We already opened it but to private cause were not finished. This one isn’t VBulliten so this isn’t a great one. It is more likely to involve Lego’s too. Most forums will be about Lego’s. That is because there aren’t much cp things. Also im thinking about a new show called Lego World.

– Boidoh

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Subscribe to my YouTube, .



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News Of BNG!!


The BNG Shut Down is now over. So the BNG is making a temporary news in post. And also a forever news in widget. So here is the news:

Donate To Us: Please people we need donations. We cannot keep this blog up and running without donations. Even thought some might be pointless i might shut the blog down if i don’t get some of the following. I need atleast from 1-10000 xats. I need 500 days. I need some wordpress credits.

Donation Rate: 0 Xats-0 Days-0 WP Credits. Deletion Timer: March 01 2009.

See that gone in March if not get atleast more than 10 of each.

Forum Soon: A New Forum Is Headed Your Way. To make it happen get me a PayPal Account and put a donate page for BNG and send it to me. And most important of all its using VBulliten.Until then we will be using a Temporary one using Forumotion. The Forumotion will be called The Dance Club Penguins. The VBulliten one will be called BNG’s Cheat Penguins. It is different than chewy one so its not really the same. Besides im doing a different thing. We are gonna have a cool surprise feature no forum ever had. Also Blog Hosting which is not the surprise. Also Blogroll, Search and more surprises. But i need the donation. BNG Support: New Email here now.

The BNG Support E-Mail. It is I’m sure its that if its not ill update. So dont email yet.

BNG Improvement Project: We are gonna have alot of new stuff soon. Were gonna have this new thing. BNG Improvement Project. Here are the plans. But we will need Xats, Days, A PayPal Account, WP Credits and loads more.

  1. BNG Donations WP Credits (Starts February 7th 2009)
  2. New Domain – (When Donation Gets In) (At least 100 WP Credits)
  3. BNG Donations Xats/Days (February 16th 2009)
  4. Xats/Days Contest (As Soon As Xats Gets In)
  5. The Dance Club Penguins Forum (February 24th 2009)
  6. BNG Donations Money (March 1st 2009)
  7. BNG’s Cheat Penguins/ BNG’s Cheat Penguins Chat/ BNG’s Cheat Penguins Surprises (As Soon As Money Gets In)

The person who donates most gets To Be A Honorary Member Of The BNG Staff.

How Donation: Before we start we need to know how to make a donation page on PayPal.

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Puffles Interact!!


I am on my Wii right now using the internet connections. Ok now puffles can interact with furniture. It’s gonna be awesome. I don’t have time to post. Wii running low on battery power.

– Boidoh

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New Editor

Hey it’s Sir Wurmple the new editor. My new forum is so pleasez join it! I will be helping out Boidoh here now.

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New Blog Powered By Cheat Penguins!!


I got a new blog that is currently under construction for about a week or 6 days for now. Well this blog is not Powered By BNG 😦 😦 :(. Man but i will still stay here. I have lots of blogs and only post here. I also making a new header. Here is it.

(Comming Soon)

– Boidoh

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The Secret Of Winning Competition Mode!!


To win competition mode more easier you use your Purple Puffle. When you have on your purple puffle go to the Game called Dance Challenge and play competition mode and you win easier.

(Picture Comming Soon)

If copied give me credit.

– Boidoh

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Member Party Swf.


Here are the swf. i have not done these in a long while.

Dance Club:

Dance Lounge:


Boilers Room:

Dance Club Roof:

Dance Challenge:

– Boidoh

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Jet Pack Landing Pad #3!!


This is the 3rd post about The Jet Pack Landing Pad!! So i found another reason why the Landing Pad At The Dance Club Roof Is Not A Stage. I’m Gonna Have Enough Proof Soon. I Love Doing This. Who believe me will get 400 BNG Credits, Dollars And Cents, And More If there Is!! Ok Now See My Proof!!


– Boidoh

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Landing Pad!! New Funny Pictures!!


I currently got the reply from The Club Penguin Support Team.


Thank you for contacting us. The metal dance floor on top of the nightclub, is
also a landing pad. But penguins like to party everywhere, so a landing pad
might as well be a party pad! The roof just opened, and there is always a lot
to learn about a new part of the game we haven\'t discovered yet. So I suppose
the future will tell us all the details of this landing pad, and how it ties
into our icy world.  

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact our support team.
We are always here to help. 


Alex L
Club Penguin Support

Well the investigation is still on about The Landing Pad. And i got new funny pictures.


Look At Me With My Hand Stand!! 🙂


DJ Boidoh Is Setting Up The Tunes. 🙂


I’m A V.I.P.


Blue Dance Floor? Great Music? Boidoh’s In The Groove!!


Even Better!! It’s Indestructible, It’s New And Hi-Tech!!


The Member Party Is To Go!!


I Told You I Was Awesome!!


My Xat Name Doesn’t Lie. It’s Bo1doh_Owns_You_In_Every_Way!!


My Xat Name Doesn’t Lie. It’s Bo1doh_Owns_You_In_Every_Way!! I Own!! Thanks I Told You I Own!!


I Almost Owned Them!!


I Am Ice!! 🙂

The Mega Plunger 3000

Ha!! The Mega Plunger 3000!! Wait Why Am I Saying Ha That Will Destroy Me. AHHH 😦

– Boidoh

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New Game!! Cadence!! Member Party!! New Pin!! Landing Pad!! Hand Stand Cheat!!


The new game is out called Dance Challenge. You can dance out to 3 different songs so far. Here is a picture of me with about 1000+ Points.


My highest score was: 3272 Points. Here is a picture of me owning no one.

only-me-won won-with-score-of-941
I also found Cadence on all 3 floor of the Dance Club.

waddle-on-dance-athon-2009-dance-club-candence-1 waddle-on-dance-athon-2009-dance-club-roof-candence-2

I only got pictures on 2 floors. Ok the member party is awesome here is the Pictures.


The New Pin Is At The Snow Forts Its A Taco Pin.


Also i have a problem. And its at The Landing Pad At The Dance Club Roof. People keep going on The Landing Pad and making up stuff that it is a Stage and when you dance Cadence will come. Come on what are they 1? These are proof that it is a Landing Pad.


I also sent a message awaiting reply.

Dear Club Penguin Staff,
Please say that the Landing Pad on the Roof Of The Dance Club is a Landing Pad. Because everyone is dancing on it and saying its a stage give me all info about it.

– Boidoh

Also the new Hand Stand Cheat requires Membership. Get the Boom Box only. And press D. You will be doing a hand stand.


Please give me credit and a link to my blog. And i will know.

– Boidoh

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I’m back!

Hey BNG! I’m back after a long time. I’ve improved aswell, so if you need me for anything please do tell me. It’s nice to be back with BNG and BNG viewers, over to the other staff now:

See ya,


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BNG Member PaL Gone Somewhere Not Here!!

BNG Member PaL has been sent back further into school. Now im elementary school.  And well is now a contributer and can not post. He wont be graduating Saturday. Hes not in a long long time. So he wont post.

– BNG Staff

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