Beta Testers Found!!

Here are the beta testers i have found!!


Fano (1 Picture)

Helen2k5 Helen2k5Helen2k5

Helen2k5 (3 Pictures)


Pinkilicous (3 Pictures)


15 Responses to Beta Testers Found!!

  1. tommy is evi says:

    In the picture of pinkilocious there was another beta tester! whos he?

  2. ORANGE IS MAD says:

    well did you report them?
    Yup Orange Is COOL!!!

  3. sony999 says:

    i got heaps of beta pics on my site!! visit!!

  4. Dmitry says:

    the other beta tester in the one picture is injane ive never seen him befor so i dont know much about him

  5. erni5 says:

    hey your lucky to have pink on ur list i have helen on my list im goalie 42

  6. Visraver says:

    IM A BETTA TESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. pbaman says:

    have u seen jedi hes realy cool and nice P.S hes a beta tester

  8. joey36569 says:

    woah can i have a beta tester plz whoever wants to give me better email i will give u a penguin with a 1st year aniversery hat a penguin thats a member and has alot of unloack items a penguin with a 2nd year party hat and a penguin with a 3rd year party hat and more if u wanna a penguin thats 752 days old plz email me

  9. joey36569 says:

    I can give u member penguins anyone send to any penguins heaps

  10. joey36569 says:

    can i plz hav a beta send to i will give u heaps of pemguins even members i mean pemguin that r 1000

  11. joey36569 says:

    give us a beta tester plz send to i can give u member penguins heaps

  12. Rainbow15833 says:

    Is there any way to get a beta hat now? If so, please tell me.


    No, There is no way to get the beta hat. It is impossible to hack unless you “Hack” into clubpenguin and publish it.

  13. dicity101 says:

    how do u go back in time

  14. Ninjaneal says:

    there i is:)

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