I’m back ;)

It’s me PaL. I just wanted to say that i’m back up and running and  You can check out my blog as a second resort if this obne ever goes dwn.




Over and out


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Medieval Party!

Club Penguin just saved every CP blogger’s day! CP has now got a Party Banner and it will update when a new party has arrived.

Also, check out the Medieval Party:

There’s a quest for us members: Look out for the free gifts on Challenges 2, 3 and in the final quest room.

The Challenge 3 answers are down, left, down, right, right, up.

Also, the new pin is at the Boiler Ro-I mean The Smithy.

Don’t forget to visit the new play, The Haunting of the Viking Opera!

Check out the Ghost costume and the flashlight, the Ghost glows! :O

When you see the new room, don’t be tricked by the puffle eyes. There isn’t any new puffles, we just had the white one a month or two ago!

Remember to get the Wizard hat, oh and visit the Market. 😉

Now I’m off dragon hunting!

From Astro

For the original post with pictures go to: http://astronortt2.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/medieval-party-and-new-cp-banner/

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Penguins Got Paid!

I don’t know what’s happened to Boidoh, so here’s a LATE post about Penguins getting paid.

As you may have seen in your Penguin Mail, you’ve got one or two checks! Every month you’ll be getting these checks and have 250 coins added to your account. Here’s the pictures:



From Astro

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A Couple Partys!!


New partys soon.

  1. 50,000 Hits Party – Server Frozen (March 14th 2009, 1:00 PM CPST (Town, Dance Club, Leprechaun House, Cove, My Igloo))
  2. 1,000 Views Party – Server Frozen (March 14th 2009, 2:00 PM CPST (Coffee Shop, Book Room, Dance Lounge, My Igloo))


– Boidoh

Update: No one came this is why i dont have party’s may have one on a populated server next time..

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New Author

Hi. It’s mrlachhar here. I’m the new author on BNG. I know, I know, you’ve seen my name in comments around BNG. My site is http://penguincoast.wordpress.com/ 😀

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Movies May Be Gone!!


Because of the series 2 came out and i don’t have time to get it cause im 999,999,999,999 miles from the nearest Toys R Us store. So i can delete some movies that involves it or just change it.

– Boidoh

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Boidoh Site Ad 2009

It is here. It took me a while to upload cause i uploaded it when i was also downloading something. Oh well its here now.

– Boidoh

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