Times Found Rockhopper


Theese are the times i have found Rockhopper!!


Migrator, 21st August 2007

Cove, 25th January 2008


Iceberg, 26th January 2008


Beach – Row Boat, 26th January 2008

Beach – Motor Boat, 26th April 2008

Ship Hold, 26th April 2008

Town, 26th April 2008


4 Responses to Times Found Rockhopper

  1. Migrator, 21st September 2007 – Did not choose the boidoh outfit yet!!

  2. uti9 8 says:

    tooo cool a site dude

  3. Jamie says:

    rockhopper can be found at the lighthouse on specail events
    (p.s. this website rocks!)

  4. malu says:

    Rockhopper!!!!!!!!!Anda al ice-berg

    What does that mean?? Does it mean you found rockhopper on Server Iceberg on the Iceberg.

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